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Repairs & Maintainance

Maintenance is carried out to maintain a tool to prevent serious damage. Meanwhile, repair is repairing a damaged device so that it can function normally.

Electrical Installation

Electrical is the definition of components or spare parts of production machines that are connected to electricity or components whose operation uses electric power. Basically, the electrical components or spare parts of the production machine can move or move other objects with a working system using electrical power.

The Safety checklist

The Safety Checklist is intended to be completed by general contractors to consolidate their work and
the work of all lower level subcontractors. Completing the Safety Checklist helps determine whether General
The Contractor and its Subcontractors take into account potential hazards and control based on this
scope of work. This information will ultimately help all Contractors in completing their Jobs
Hazard Analysis (JHA) document.

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RENNOBI adalah perusahaan berbasis di berbagai bidang, termasuk General Kontraktor, General Supplier, dan penyedia layanan. Kami berkomitmen untuk memberikan solusi berkualitas tinggi dalam proyek-proyek konstruksi, menyediakan material berkualitas, dan layanan profesional yang melibatkan perencanaan, manajemen, dan konsultasi. Kami berfokus pada kualitas, ketepatan waktu, inovasi, dan keberlanjutan.

Electronics Installations
Electricity Supply
Surround Sound
Security Camera
Saving Electricity
Backup Power Setup